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Mercury Free Office

Many people are health conscious, and knowing that amalgam (often called "silver”) fillings contain about 50% mercury concerns them. So, they want only white composite fillings. If you’re concerned about amalgam fillings, you’ll be interested in knowing that Tillery Family Dental is a mercury-free dental practice.

Although dental schools have trained their students in the use of amalgam fillings for more than a century and many dentists still use these fillings, many people are concerned that mercury from the fillings may be released into their body.

Mercury-free composite fillings are an alternative. Tillery Family Dental prefers these fillings, which are made from a mixture of glass or quartz with resin.

  • They make teeth stronger because they bond to the teeth. Although amalgam is a stronger material, it actually weakens your teeth.
  • Your teeth will be less sensitive to hot and cold with these fillings.
  • They require less removal of your tooth structure.
  • The color blends in naturally with your teeth.

Amalgam fillings contain mercury and weaken teeth

Mercury-free composite fillings strengthen teeth

If you are interested in white fillings from a mercury-free dental office, Tillery Family Dental, contact our office to schedule an appointment at (317) 661-4331. You may also request an appointment online if you prefer. We’re located on the West side of Indianapolis.