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Michael F. Tillery DDS & Associates offers general and cosmetic dentistry services. Below is a complete list of what we offer.

Sedation Dentistry (See Special Offers)
If fear or lack of time has kept you from getting the dental care you need, Sedation Dentistry is nothing short of a Miracle! You will have little or no memory of your visit, and it is as simple as taking a pill. Long appointments seem like minutes, and you will wake up with the smile you deserve and have always wanted. Don’t wait any longer!
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Short Term Orthodontics
A beautiful, symmetrical smile in just six months – and no one will ever know you wore braces! We offer Six Month Smiles™ or STO (Short Term Orthodontics), a process that discreetly straightens crooked teeth by improving the symmetry of your smile in six months or less!
With Six Month Smiles™, we can
  • Round out arches
  • Straighten crooked teeth (correct crowding)
  • Close spaces
  • Upright flared anterior teeth
  • Position the teeth better for more conservative cosmetic care
After four to six months, the arch form is round or spaces between teeth are closed. The STO technique is conservative and effective for 95% of adults who don't want comprehensive orthodontics. Created by Dr. Clifton Georgaklis in Boston, Mass., and perfected by Dr. Ryan Swain in Rochester, N.Y., STO has been used and proven effective for over 17 years.

Mini-Implant Denture System (See Special Offers)
Denture Stabilization is a fast procedure. Visit Dr. Tillery in the morning, have the "Mini-Implant System" placed in less than two hours, then go out and enjoy your favorite lunch. This is a one-stage procedure that involves minimally invasive surgery, no sutures, nor the typical months of healing. Do you have loose, ill-fitting dentures? How does that make you feel? Unable to chew your favorite foods? Embarrassed, lacking self-confidence in public? Tired of the mess of sticky creams and pastes? With our Mini Implant Dental technology, we can often retro-fit your existing denture, and insure an accurate and stable fit. This life changing technology can stabilize your dentures, giving you confidence in eating your favorite foods and speaking in public. (See Video Below)

Minimally invasive dentistry retains the most tooth structure. When a decayed tooth requires repair, our office is committed to the concept of preserving as much of your healthy tooth structure as possible, leaving a stronger tooth which is less likely to require larger, more costly restorations (like inlays and crowns) in the future. Bondable tooth colored composite fillings, laser micro-air abrasion and magnification with surgical telescopes (like some heart surgeons wear) allow us to repair teeth to their natural beauty as minimally invasive as possible. Micro-Dentistry is the cutting edge technology of the future.

Micro-Air Abrasion
Precision is the key in using no anesthetics. Micro-Air Abrasion technology allows us to remove stains, beginning decay and old filling material very effectively. Much like a microscopic sand blaster, air abrasion utilizes .25 micron particle size aluminum oxide (the same abrasive found in some tooth whitening toothpastes) propelled by a gentle stream of air in a miniature hand piece. There is no vibration, no heat, and no drill noises with this precision technique. The best news is this procedure usually requires no anesthetic, as the only sensation is that of air being gently blown over ones teeth. In turn, only a fraction of the tooth is removed, compared to standard "drilling".

Bridges, Bonding, and Inlays
There are several techniques to fix the structure of the tooth. In cases where the tooth is missing, it's important to fix the problem as surrounding teeth may shift, creating gaps between surrounding teeth, fostering decay and gum infection. In cases where the tooth is missing, it's important to fix the problem as surrounding teeth may shift and tarter can build up resulting in gum disease. Bonding references using a composite resin in order to lighten stains, fill gaps in crooked teeth, and even fix misshapen teeth. Inlays are a high-quality, precision fit solution for damaged or decayed teeth. A composite resin is used to create a mold of the tooth to ensure an exact fit. Inlays are often made from porcelain, gold, or other alloys.

Same Day Crowns
When fillings become too large, stronger restorations become necessary. When a filling used to repair a fractured or decayed tooth approaches 50% or more of the tooth, the structure of the tooth becomes weakened, leading to the filling breaking or the remaining tooth fracturing, often resulting in nerve damage or tooth loss. Crowns are a permanent, natural looking restoration which is the strongest dentistry has to offer. We can match the color and shape of your surrounding teeth, to restore the original form and function. All-ceramic crowns can be utilized without the use of metal foundations, so you will not have the worry of dark metal showing. Cosmetically, crowns can be used to change the shape of teeth (making crooked teeth appear straight), close spaces, or change tooth color. Crowns can restore your tooth/teeth to their original strength, beauty and function.

Teeth Aligners
Imagine straightening your teeth with clear invisible braces. Invisalign is a process in which we straighten your teeth without braces, with a clear aligner. Over time, we use a series of aligners to slowly align your teeth. Imagine a gradual and effortless way to align your teeth over a small period of time, often a fraction of the time required for actual braces. Did we mention the aligners are so clear, thin, and comfortable, it’s difficult to tell you are wearing them? And they are totally removable for eating and cleaning.

Teeth Whitening
Ignite the white! Not three months. Not in three weeks. BY TONIGHT! High-quality teeth whitening to give you that bright smile you've always wanted... After years of eating and drinking, our teeth often change shades of color. Teeth become dull or stained, but we have a solution. Our proven solution is fast, convenient, safe, effective, and long-lasting. This isn't your over-the-counter teeth whitening solution. It's more of a professional dental solution, implemented by our doctors to change your teeth color more shades in a shorter amount of time than typical teeth whitening treatments. Up to 8-13 shades whiter ...IN ONE VISIT, ONE HOUR!

Tooth-Colored Fillings
New technology has changed the appearance of fillings. Frequently, the color of the alloys changed the appearance of the tooth in terms of tone color. Mercury-silver alloy fillings have numerous ingredients, including nickel and copper, and is a 150+year old technology. The alloys eventually turn dark (even black), and with thermal expansion and contraction, weaken the strength of the tooth. We use a mercury-free composite-resin material created to the custom color of your tooth. The result is a filling indistinguishable from the surrounding tooth.

Finally, a painless and safe way to get the smile of your dreams. Veneers are thin shells of porcelain precisely fit to cover the tops and front of the teeth. These porcelain veneers are an excellent way to correct the cosmetics of the teeth as they are as thin as a contact lens. Unlike previous porcelain veneers, no shots are needed and little to no tooth structure has to be removed so the integrity of the tooth remains intact. This process has been perfected over the past 20 years, and it's a permanent solution to achieve a perfect smile.

Diagnodent® Laser
Early and accurate diagnoses are the keys to an excellent smile and conservative restorative procedures. Our Diagnodent® Laser eliminates the need for uncomfortable poking, prodding, or X-rays normally used to detect tooth decay. Using the Diagnodent system, we can detect very small areas of decay that normal methods of detection can miss. Typical methods of diagnosis are usually only 50% to 70% accurate. Normal probing methods can't always detect small areas of decay because the probe doesn't always fit into the pits and fissures in the teeth. With the Diagnodent® Laser, we can achieve 90% accuracy without repeated exposure to X-rays.

Intra-Oral® Camera
When was the last time you actually saw the cavity the dentist found?
Even with all of the mirrors, lights, and tools that are commonly used at a dental office, patients rarely have a clear picture of their dental health. All this has changed with our Intra-Oral® Camera technology. A tiny camera at the end of a pen size wand takes detailed pictures of your mouth and sends the images directly onto a large screen monitor so you can follow along as the dentist explains the problems you may have and your treatment options.